Stinger Wet Welding

Premium underwater welding supplies & education

Boldly rebranding a leading welding supply company for the digital age.

Stinger had already established a strong reputation in a narrow space: providing tools and supplies for underwater welding professionals all over the globe. With a history of safety and reliability, the organization needed a brand that highlighted the collective experience and expertise of it's leadership and as a trusted provider of both welding supplies and industry education.

Be Bold. Be Bright.

Research revealed that, with the wet welding landscape overrun with outdated and out of touch brands that failed to engage the newest generation of wet welding professionals. There was an opportunity for Stinger to stand out and own the category with a focus on empowerment, education, and trust.

The new brand boldly recommitted the company to pioneering wet welding solutions. With a refreshed identity, clear messaging, a content pipeline, a new website, and an exciting, modern visual system, Stinger’s new brand strategy matches its future-focused trajectory.